Anna’s Wedding Cakes
frequently asked questions...
Q. Do we pick the wedding cake up?
A. No. "Anna's" will deliver and set the wedding cake up to your designated reception location.
Q. Does the cake need to be refrigerated?
A. No, providing the environment elements are normal.
Q. How far ahead should I place the order?
A. It is important to reserve the day and time as early as possible to be assured of securing the time and availability for your wedding cake. The details are not needed until closer to the wedding date.
Q. Is a deposit required for the wedding cake?
A. Yes, a minimal deposit is required to reserve the day. This amount will be deducted from the balance which is requested to be paid in full one week prior to your wedding day.
Q. Is the top tier of the wedding cake served?
A. No, the top tier is your 1st. year anniversary cake. I will instruct you how to preserve it.
Q. Do you cut the cake?
A. No. Your caterer will indicate to you whether you will be required to delegate that to someone or if they will cut it. I will provide cutting instructions.
Q. What should I consider in choosing a cake baker and designer?
A. Board of Health approved, reputable with their work, established with experience, personable service, creative, available references and dependability.
Q. Do you freeze your cakes?
A. I prefer to prepare, bake and design your wedding cake the week of your wedding.
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